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HectagonDAO is a collective of experienced investors, builders, and contributors. We want to transform investing by making early investment accessible and stress-free for everyone.

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Simply buy & hold $HECTA token to contribute to Hectagon’s treasury and let protocol buy private/seed tokens from promising projects.

  • No minimum buy-in amount.
  • Buy $HECTA token using any popular tokens.
  • An easy-to-use user experience.

Start investing now with our 40K members, and growing community!

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Unlike other DAOs that raised millions without a plan on what to do next, Hectagon has a clear mandate of accessing the best seed-stage Web3 deals

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Hectagon is a novel platform that lets regular users get the windfall from investing into crypto startups at an early stage

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With Hectagon, holding HECTA gives users a way to indirectly hold seed-stage tokens

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Hectagon’s mission is restoring the fair community-centric ideals of the early crypto years, which later were suppressed by a Web2-like Venture Fund model.

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“Blockchain is open so Web3 Investment should be open! It’s natural progression of the decentralized society.”

Linh Han,
Founder and CEO - Hectagon Finance

Team of 35+ passionate builders

Linh Han

CEO and Founder
  • Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 (2020)
  • Founder of VSV Capital and Hub Global
  • 10 years in VC Investment, Finance and Startups Development
  • Invested in 100+ early-stage Web2 and Web3 startups
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Dzung Nguyen

  • Former CFO of HBRE Wind Power and Founder of
  • 8 years in Startups, Finance and Operations Management
  • Tokenomics Advisors for 30+ Web3 projects
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Hieu Bui

  • Founder of Edumall (Topica) and TerraBook
  • 12 years in Startups, Software Engineering and Product Design
  • Founded 1M+ users startup. Grew 128M+ views Youtube channel
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Phuong Lai

  • Former Head of Engineering of Tomochain
  • 15 years in Startup, IT and Software Engineering
  • Serial-CTO of Gapo Social Network, Amela Technology, HBlab Outsourcing
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Duong Do

  • Former Head of Compliance of VCC Exchange
  • 8 years in Compliance Banking and Operations Management
  • Expert in eKYC and AML
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Catie Hang Le

Advisory CMO
  • Marketing Lead of serial Silicon Valley and Vietnam startups (Misfit, Arevo, Up…)
  • 10 years in Startups, Marketing and Branding
  • Expert in Crowdfunding and Community Development
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Felicia Tra Hoang

  • Managing Partner of VSV Capital - Accelerated 200 global startups
  • 8 years in Startups, Partnership and BD. Managed USD 80M+ businesses
  • Co-founded 2 companies in UK and Vietnam
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to a true democratic venture investment

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